One sure way you could emphasize the omnipotence of the supreme GOD is to allow those that believe in the power of all other small gods.
GOD represents the position of Omnipotence (all powerful), Omnipresence (universal) and Omniscience (the state of all knowing) because GOD is power, vision and knowledge beyond all things; it means that those other ones have power that is minuscule of HIS.
A casual visitor to the Achihi sanctuary at Ekegbo Achi may not know that all those ancient trees spreading through the space at Ekegbo has a resolving significance with mmiri Achihi, that is tucked away somewhere between Agu Umueze/Umuoka and Ori nkuta, the natural water fall on the road to Obeagu.
History told us that the Achihi stream use to boom somewhere inside the refuge at Ekegbo, until when a certain woman did some certain aberrant washing, causing complete disappearance and reappearance of this stream where it is currently settled today.
According to a historian Chief Mathew Madu, from Adu Achi in Oji River L.G.A. the planting of Achihi in Achi happened sometime between 1470-1473 and it was under the supervision of an Umuezeala Elugwu Achi son, who travelled for business expedition to somewhere at Elugwu Abo area of Ufuma in Orumba.
On his way home he encountered an old woman form of that spirit goddess carrying a bundle of firewood, strangely heading towards a bush path and coincidentally too, she was going the same direction leading Umuezeala son back to Achi. He then decided to relief the woman of the load.
By the time they got to the point where a path narrowed into a big forest, the old woman requested that the load should be handed back to her because she was already home. Curiously he handed back the bundle. The woman was to ask him to make a request for any need he wish accomplished in his life. Remembering that his home was in dire need of water, he went ahead to make the request immediately and she promised him to make sources of water available in Achi on his return. That promise was fulfilled by the divine emergence of “Apa” “Awhuruma” “Iyioma” Nwanyikibi” and others.
As the Elugwu Achi lord continued with his journey, he was to discover the intermittent appearance and disappearance of the same apparition on his way till he got home to narrate his experiences. After a while he started seeing the same figure in his dreams and the worrisome situation led to inquiries where the puzzle was resolved, which was that the spirit goddess wanted to be served by the man. This was how the planting of Achihi Achi was carried out at Elugwu Achi.
A certain Olaku, an escapee of war from Ogbaku, was discovered in the bush by a great hunter Ezeushi and subsequently handed over to Ezeala. It was foretold that such a woman nicknamed “ring of wealth” would arrive to develop Achi. For the role she was to play, sometime between 1521-1526, she underwent a traditional separation process that led to her final absorption ceremony into Achi between 1528 and 1530.
That time too, there was a situation of dearth birth in Achi so, the diviners found out that as soon as the woman would get pregnant and deliver a baby that the entire town would flourish with children. She was subsequently affianced to an Isikwe man named Chibu, who went into her and made her pregnant, which resulted in birth of Okpokoro or Okpotokpo nnwa or Nkpokoro who was to people Umuwam and Umuagukwu. From then on Achi population started increasing in great drove, including that wealth turned in as predicted.
Now, through the years down the line, events led to handing over of the specter (ofor) Achihi to Umuwam clan by Elugwu Achi for the ministration. Even now, whatever you think, a few Umuwam believes that they have never failed in living up to this assignment.
Sometime in 1972, much as you may chose not believe, something strange happened at mmiri Achihi that may open your eyes to the realities of that deity’s existence. And everything you read here happened for real.
Mmiri Achihi is venerated. People can be excused for getting as close fetching water from there on eke day as early as 5.00 am to 6.00am or just before sun up. But one iconoclast who for whatever reasons thought he needed to see more before he would believe such a myth of Mmiri Achihi.
So he took off from Umuwam around 10am on that eke day with bucket filled with laundry clothes and that day he saw what almost consumed him and then he became convinced eventually.
This man Ikedi is still alive, married and has active five children. This is his story in its rawness:
“I left my father’s residence around 10am, some five clear hours away from the approved time and my main reason was to see things myself. On my way to the stream, I saw no man or woman and not even animals.
Finally, I got there and made straight to the area where water surges from the cave. Snooped around and saw nobody, nothing. I was to carry my bucket and finally settled behind the Engine house and just beside the reservoir and started washing my clothes. As I was getting done with the washing, I became a little rapt with decision to undertake such a trip but then I thought, I am already here, so, why bother.
Just that time, I looked up to encounter a being coming down the hill and making straight towards my direction. The figure that presented itself was that of a little boy. But then my worry was how come the parents of this age chose to expose him to this same danger that I applied myself to. But then the gaits in his strut were such a dreadful one that I could not imagine that coming from a young of that age. So, calculated, he was missing nothing in its repetition. It just appeared as if he took a long time to rehearse the steps. I was dazed as I watched him.
Finally, he settled face to face with me and fired two questions:
Little Man: I thought it is said that people do not come here on eke day?
Me (Ikedi): yes, but I am not from here, I am a student at Corpus Christi College.
Little Man: where can I see the people that minister over Achihi shrine?
Me (Ikedi): I do not know, maybe you can go to Ekegbo market and ask. Please could you help me to rinse my blanket? He obliged
That done, the little man turned and continued climbing the hill just the way he came down. That was when I knew that I have bumped into an extraordinary creature. He disappeared into the bush or into the air.
Just soon after, I saw large snake descending down the hill. It was with such a ferocious force and the reptile was coming straight to me as if it was sent to pounce on me, grip my skin, deliver its venom, and stretch me to death and move on. But just then it turned again 45 degrees and meandered into the bush, crackling its way down dry harmattan grasses.
Immediately, I packed my laundry and took off. On impulse, I took another casual look at the cave area and saw some strange fellows. I thought I had found the company I dearly sought for. I went closer only for my eyes to be confront by the presence of about five or more young women brimming with beauty, with their hair touching the rear part of their back, all facing the cave, all naked, having their bath or whatever they were doing.
After this time, I took off, climbed the hill within seconds and engaged a full brisk work. A little while I saw earthenware containing some sacrificial items placed in one corner of the road which, I am sure was not there when I passed earlier. I gave it its distance and moved on. A little while again, I saw another big snake chasing a lizard coming direct to me. As the two reptiles got closer, the lizard turned into the bush and the snake followed its way.
Before I entered the last part of the journey, I saw another snake coiled on the stem of a tree, fully prepared to fight. I cleared away through the bush part and just then picked a stick. On my way out from the dark side and trying to ease into the final exit to the free way, I saw another snake, this time green. I mustered courage, dropped the bucket and hit the snake with the stick and instantly, it sprawled on the ground and died.
I continued frolicking home. A journey of an hour and thirty minutes in the rough took me just about forty minute; I think I was running or maybe flying, yet I had no wings”
For me I am aware that GOD would not allow HIS own to engage in such an odious trip. Satan tried Jesus many times, but HE never failed to his tempting. Without Mary, Jesus would not have found entry into the world to save us. When in doubt, Jesus said give to GOD what belongs to HIM and then to Caesar, let him have his due.


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